The Fortymile story is complete, however, due to the Christmas rush, we’re experiencing delays getting it into sales channels.

This means it may be a little longer before you can read Fortymile, but we think it will be worth the wait…

He was certain there was enough kerosene to get it going, so he tried again—with no success, this time the match going out before reaching the wood. Moving down the ladder several rungs, he struck another match and tossed it. With a loud, booming sound the pile ignited, flames jumping up and nearly catching his pants on fire. He scrambled up the ladder while the flames licked at him, smoke filling the shaft as he ascended.

That was close, thought Thomas as he crawled out of the shaft, making a mental note not to do it that way again. Looking back down the shaft he could see the fire was burning, the dry kindling doing its job as the rest of the wood began to burn.

Scene from Fortymile