Fortymile (formerly titled The Interior ) is the second novel in the Life on the Alaska Frontier series.

Three steps in he knew he was in trouble. The frigid gray water piled up against his legs, threatening to sweep his feet out from under him. With the walking stick on the downstream side, he leaned into it and tried to shuffle his feet slowly forward to avoid rolling an ankle on a boulder. The cold water had an instant numbing effect—already his muscles were tightening and resisting his efforts to move forward. The current washed the gravel from beneath his feet, making him unsteady and forcing him to move faster than he wanted.

In an instant he was underwater, the walking stick failing him and the current sweeping him under before he could react. His heavy pack pulled him to the bottom as he struggled to free his arms. The .45-70 was slung over his shoulder and across his chest, preventing him from dropping the load. His lungs were burning, screaming for oxygen.

Scene from Fortymile

Fleeting Edge Press

Available Christmas, 2015.

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